On Your Bike

On Your Bike

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  • Environment
  • Financial inclusion
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Local / community
  • Training / employment support
  • Young people

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Our key aim is to train and employ the socially underprivileged, ex-servicemen and long term unemployed to help themselves, help us and other volunteers recycle and sell bikes.  We are proud that we give purpose to peoples lives.

Our aims

  • The advancement of education through training the disadvantaged / underprivileged and/or young to enable them to obtain work.
  • The promotion of conservation through the recycling/reuse of as many bikes, bike parts and even accessories, as possible.
  • The promotion of public health, by encouraging cycling to improve the health of individuals.


We have lots of bikes for sale, a wide range of used parts and a selection of new bikes, parts, tools and accessories.  We offer servicing on all makes and models of bike, overseen by one of our Industry Standard Cytech II qualified mechanics. On Your Bike is committed to providing a comprehensive service to local cyclists. 

  • We have recycled or serviced over 3,000 bikes.
  • We have provided over 4,000 hours of training to over 75 individuals.
  • We have helped more than twenty people into employment and helped others improve their confidence, self-esteem and improved their chances of gaining paid work.
  • We have refurbished bikes for sale, plus a lot of used parts and a selection of new bikes, parts, tools and accessories.

Following a successful bid to the Hinkley Point Community Impact Mitigation Fund, On Your Bike is opening a branch in Bridgwater.

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