The Young People's Puppet Theatre (YPPT)

The Young People's Puppet Theatre (YPPT)

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The Young People's Puppet Theatre (YPPT) works with disadvantaged children and young people, helping them to develop vital social skills such as self-confidence, teamwork and communication skills, and resilience in the face of challenges through the arts. The children with whom we work typically have little to no access to the arts outside our projects, and suffer socially compared to more advantaged peers as a result. Our work helps these children develop the tools they need to overcome their disadvantages and to succeed in later life.


Our standard project involves up to 40 children or young people at a time, and lasts up to a year; the long duration allows the young people to become fully invested in the project, and means that the benefits are greater than would be achieved in a shorter time. Over the course of the project, each participant designs and makes their own marionette puppet, collaborates with peers on set design and building, and finally takes an individual role in rehearsals and performances of their group's show to the local community. The young people truly own the performances; as well as having designed and made all puppets and sets, they also take all roles, from puppetry and voice acting to technical roles including stage management, lighting, sound and scene changes. The projects teach a huge range of creative and artistic skills; however, their social benefits are even more marked and include increased self-confidence, improved teamwork and communication skills, and greater resilience in the face of challenges. We encourage and support the young people involved to achieve more than they think is possible, and to exceed not only their own expectations, but those of their families and friends. 

The YPPT was founded in 2014 and by July 2017 had worked with over 900 children and young people on 27 very successful projects. This year we are running a further 11 projects involving 320 young people, and are also developing new projects including an intergenerational project bringing together children and older people in the same community. 

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