Young Minders The BAME Home Education Hub

Young Minders The BAME Home Education Hub

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  • Children / families
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  • Learning disabilities / difficulties
  • Physical disabilities
  • Young people

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National - England


Young Minders is a charitable organisation that focuses on supporting home-educated children, particularly those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Our mission is to help provide, resources, and possibly a supportive community hub for the children and families.


Explore the benefits of our exclusive membership, which grants access to our ongoing weekly gatherings at a reduced rate. Young Minders organises regular meetups tailored  for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Our initiative extends to families with teenagers aged 11 and above who are engaged in home education.

Functioning as a supportive hub, we assist families embarking on their home education journey. Additionally, we offer guidance in navigating Education Health Care Plans (EHCP). Within our vibrant home educating community, the emphasis is on cultivating social bonds among children while fostering a nurturing atmosphere for families.


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The ideal candidate will have experience in grant writing, a strong understanding of BAME issues, and the ability to effectively communicate our...

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