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The Young Carers Development Trust was established as a registered charity in 2012 and aims to inspire young carers in the south-west to improve their life chances by offering them sustained and targeted support over a period of four years in order that they can pursue their education, training and career ambitions. Our strategy is to assist and support young carers who are providing a ‘significant level of care’ for a disabled or seriously ill family member, resulting in much poorer outcomes for their own health and future expectations. We do this by providing support that will develop the young carers skills, capacities and capabilities which will then enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals and to inspire other individuals.


Our approach is to work with local young carers services to identify young carers with real potential who are unlikely to succeed without targeted support and then we match the individual beneficiary to a Development Manager, a person who offers sustained support and advice throughout their time as a beneficiary.  We provide long term support for four years to each young carer and recognise that there will be set backs during this time.  To date, we have supported 22 young carers in the South West region.


The practical support we provide young carers includes tutoring, books, equipment, revision aids, visits to universities, work experience opportunities. The beneficiaries start with us prior to GCSEs in year 11. The aim is to then see the young carers through to the end of the first year of further education which can be especially difficult for young carers.

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