York Women's Counselling Service

York Women's Counselling Service

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York Women's Counselling Service (YWCS) is an independent charity whose purpose is to provide low cost professional counselling support for women, living in the York area, who are experiencing emotional and mental health difficulties.  We never turn a client away because of financial difficulties.

Our organisation is For Women, Run by Women.

We are looking for women trustees who can help us further strengthen the strategic leadership of YWCS as well as develop and grow our service. 


Many of the issues brought to the YWCS are complex and challenging.  They include trauma from domestic violence or childhood abuse, leading to self-harm, depression, anxiety and general ill-health. 

The YWCS offers a lifeline by enabling women in financial difficulty access to a safe and secure environment in which they can work through their problems. We have over 20 volunteer counsellors, giving their time on a voluntary basis, a mix of qualified and trainees, who help our clients make significant improvements to their mental health and emotional wellbeing.  As a consequence many have been able to realise their talents and skills, contributing them back into society and the workplace, as well as changing negative behaviours and living more fulfilling lives. 

We are able of offer both short and longterm counselling as necessary to the client's needs.  We are also able to do either face-to-face or on-line sessions.


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