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Not for profit
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National - Britain


Yes to Life empowers people with cancer to make informed decisions about their cancer care options. Yes to life provide evidence based information to help guide people through the confusing options for care and lifestyle choices. Facilitate access to expert knowledge and provide simplified information about how people can make a positive difference to their wellbeing.

At Yes to Life, we provide individual support through our helpline and website, using blogs, publications, radio broadcasts, workshops and conferences. We have proudly helped over 1,000 people and will continue to support even more.

We also provide access to specialist practitioners and organisations. We also provide financial support in the form of grants and therapies, consultations, nutritional therapy and equipment, all of which help people manage their condition.


Yes to Life's funding comes from public donations, including through fund-raising events, from bequests and a small numbers of foundations. 

Our helpline provides support to those with cancer, carers and relatives. Our helpline volunteers are trained and have had a direct experience with cancer. Although not qualified to give advice, they can supply information and contacts. 

A central aim of Yes to Life is to raise awareness of the benefits of the integrative medicine and the breadth of choice beyond standard treatment. To do this, we run seminars across the country each year named 'Lifestyle Choices and Cancer' and other more specific, full day events under the name of 'The Power of Choice'. Our seminars are both public and professional.

At Yes to Life, we also run wellbeing workshops where people with cancer can share experiences while learning about lifestyle choices.

Every year amazing supporters of Yes to Life, take part in activities and events to help raise funds to help support those using our support services. We run our own events, such as the Yes to Life 10k, or funds are brought in through supports taking part in independent activities.


Current opportunities


We are looking to appoint a new trustee with a professional background in charity fundraising to join Yes to Life’s Board of Trustees.