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Worth Unlimited is a national Christian charity/social enterprise, embedded in local communities, which inspires and equips people to live as change-makers in pursuit of a world characterised by hope, harmony, community, well-being, wholeness and justice.  Since 1997, we have worked alongside young people in multiple locations, primarily areas of high deprivation, establishing good networks and partnerships and developing a substantial track-record for delivering real impact in the lives of young people and communities.

At the heart of Worth Unlimited is a yearning for a world that's as it should be - a world in which all people thrive, the environment flourishes, diversity is celebrated and deprivation doesn't exist.  We know that this dream is shared by people all over the world and we believe that it can be achieved if we work together for the change we seek.

Everyone has the potential to be a change-maker, but for many young people, precarious circumstances and significant obstacles result in that potential being squandered.  Our quest is to keep that from happening by:

  • Building safe and welcoming communities where there are opportunities for everyone to be heard and make a contribution.
  • Forging safe and meaningful connections so that young people have relationships of trust with significant, appropriate adults.
  • Expanding horizons, helping young people to believe that life is hopeful and dreams can be achieved.
  • Harnessing passions, gifts, skills and talents so that young people can make their unique contribution to the world.

Our branches work primarily with young people in areas of high deprivation, where it is difficult for low income families to afford access to positive and safe activities for their children.  The 2019 English Indices of Multiple Deprivation rated the communities we are working with as within:

  • The 10% most deprived in the country - Birmingham and Darlington
  • The 15% most deprived - Doncaster and Waltham Forest
  • The 20% most deprived - Kilburn, Kidderminster and Huddersfield 
  • The 25% most deprived - Lincolnshire
  • The 50% most deprived - Loughton


We are committed to fostering youth work and community development that is locally rooted, so provision in each of our 9 branches is tailored to their contexts.  The connecting factor amongst our branches is not the specific programmes they run, but rather their values, approach and the vision that we share for young people’s health and well-being.


Member Branches

Across the country, there are people who are passionate about their communities and want to make a difference to the lives of people in their neighbourhoods.  Many have ideas for projects to help others live more fully, but they often don’t know where to start, don’t want to take on complex management responsibilities and don’t want to deal with the governance and compliance issues of being a charity.  All of this can get in the way of great ideas becoming reality and serving the people who would have benefitted.  These local groups join us as branches, within our legal structure, and we enable them to deliver innovative projects.  We currently have 7 Member Branches:

  • Birmingham and Solihull - Youth clubs and detached work, offering safe places to have fun; one-to-one youth work, helping young people to overcome barriers; youth social action projects, creating opportunities for young people to be active change-makers within their communities; social enterprises, offering employment and developing skills (Gear Up and Listen Threads).
  • Doncaster - Building self-esteem, self-confidence and emotional literacy through one-to-one mentoring and small group courses, as well as training young people to become peer mentors.
  • Huddersfield - A term-time programme of craft and games clubs, cooking clubs for adults and children, a toddler group and a holiday lunch club, providing main meals throughout the school holidays for local children and their families, many of whom would have received free school dinners during term-time.
  • Kidderminster - Detached work on the Comberton estate and ‘Talk Out Loud’ - a weekly pop up provision for young people and parents, with the aim to raise awareness of mental health, engage people in creative therapeutic activities to encourage people to talk, and to offer support, guidance and signposting to both parents and young people.
  • Lincolnshire (The Oasis) - A social and therapeutic garden where young people can engage in self-discovery, improve their physical and mental health and develop their practical, communication and thinking skills, emotional intelligence and character, through formal programmes and informal mentoring.  Based on a 2-acre plot, growing fruit and vegetables and producing eggs and preserves.
  • Loughton (Spark) - Providing a range of counselling and mentoring services for children and young people in the Epping Forest and surrounding areas, alongside well-being and health workshops.
  • Waltham Forest - Working with young people and their families through: one-to-one mentoring, Community Ambassadors youth social action programme and weekly sessions with our Mobile Youth Venue (youth bus) in five local housing estates, enabling young people to access information and support whilst engaging in positive activities.


Partner Branches

Our Partner Branches are those that are legally separate entities from Worth Unlimited, usually registered charities in their own right.  Partner Branches tend to join us because they want to belong to a wider family of projects and benefit from infrastructure and learning support,  while retaining their own identities.  We currently have 2 Partner Branches:

  • Darlington (Darlington Area Churches Youth Ministry) - Specialising in emotional and behavioural support for young people and delivering a range of projects across Darlington and the surrounding areas, such as listening and mentoring; discussion groups; activities to support children transitioning from primary to secondary school; reflection/prayer spaces; residentials, outdoor activities and retreats for young people and RE and PSHE lessons in schools.

Kilburn (OK Club) - The OK Club has been in existence for nearly 60 years and continues to work with children and young people from across their community.  In the past year, 358 children and young people attended sessions there, adding up to 4,061 attendances over 345 different sessions.  Activities included children’s clubs, youth clubs, sports activities, cooking and life skills, drama projects and more.

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