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Since May 2022 I have been helping Ukraine with medical supplies such as IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit), and other supplies. I started with donating supplies through a defence attache at the Ukrainian embassy in London then later through an American former US Marine colonel under 'Traveling Colonels'. Then I went to Ukraine in November 2023 with over 180 kg of medical supplies then another trip in December 2023 with over 230 kg of supplies. During the trips, I met people who asked me to start a charity as I could purchase 20% more supplies as VAT will be exempted for charities. and I met people who wanted to donate to my work. I didn't promote my activities on SNS. Still, Traveling Colonels reported my work on X (formerly Twitter) and other SNSs. The Ukrainian Volunteer Army which received large amounts of medical supplies also posted my activities on SNS.

I visited Kyiv in 2014 so I knew about what was going on in Ukraine after Russia annexed Crimea. I have a few Ukrainian friends whom I lost contact with after the Russian invasion of Ukraine started in Feb 2022. I intend to help Ukrainian people, and soldiers who need help.  Medical supplies, seasonal supplies, and what they need shall be supplied. It will not be a huge contribution but at least some people would get benefits from the World Beyond Tomorrow, the charity I'm going to register with the Charity Commission. The first chapter of charitable work is aimed at Ukraine, however, I intend to help countries in conflict. Saving lives and improving the lives of people of target countries.


It intends to raise awareness of the Ukrainian situation to the general public.

Through fundraising, purchase supplies that Ukrainian people & soldiers need but are not supplied widely such as IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit), body warmers, solar power generators, portable solar panels, etc. SAVING LIVES will be the priority task for the charity.

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