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The Word Forest Organisation

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Word Forest is a small international reforestation charity based in the South West of the UK. 

We plant trees, empower women, facilitate education and build schools in rural Kenya. Aside from the building, we do much the same in the UK but on a smaller scale.

We believe that trees are the key to doing far more than just mitigating climate chaos. When planted in the tropics, they have the ability to alleviate hunger and poverty too. As it's Kenyan women who do the lion's share of tree planting and their onward care, their empowerment and environmental education remains a central part of all we do.

If you decide you want to step through the door to help us, you'll soon learn we're powered by a tight-knit family of environmentally motivated folks, fully motivated to get fast growing trees in the ground in Kenya. Above that however, you'll see our overarching desire is to provide a raft of supportive humanitarian measures to help the amazing people who are planting the trees. 

As mentioned above, they're mostly disadvantaged women, many who never even had an opportunity to learn to read or write but we continue to address that with workshops and more and now their worlds really are changing. They have come together, they are rising, they are gaining strength as women and as tree planters too. Their knowledge base has expanded on a variety of things from learning best practices for looking after the forest, through to how to make their own washable sanitary pads and more.

The tree planters we're working with in Kenya are some of the most important people on the planet right now. They have the power to mitigate the climate chaos which is causing all manner of damage to our planet and alleviate the existential threat that hovers over our world, via their tree planting. Our job is to help them build resilience into their communities which we're doing through education of everything from ABC, 123 through to permaculture.

We'd love to welcome you into the fold to help us make a difference. We have come through the COVID-era and we are focused on scaling up our operation both in the UK and Kenya too.

When the pandemic kicked in, we pivoted from planting trees to providing critical food aid to the tree planters, so they could keep starvation at bay. With the help of our supporters, we made an enormous difference.

Our work planting fast growing trees in the tropics, is vital. We'd LOVE you to get in touch if you recognise the urgency for action the world is facing right now and you want to join our team.

To see how we (usually) roll and to take a look at our positive impact in action, may we invite you to watch our documentary, #TreesAreTheKey narrated by Kate Winslet. Visit, it's free to watch and you'll meet a handful of the folks we're working with. If that chimes with you, please look at the roles we need filled and get in touch.

Thank you for reading this and thinking about getting involved, or should I say, asante sana.

The Team


To meet our objectives, we have a variety of ways we usually raise funds. Many of these have been shut down in their entirety by Covid-19:

  • vegan market stalls in the South West (many of our core team are vegan and veggie, it's not a pre-requisite to joining us)
  • community film screenings with Q&A of our documentary, #TreesAreTheKey narrated by Kate Winslet
  • talks based around trees in the UK
  • #TreeMendUs activity days: blending learning with community engagement to plant trees
  • memberships
  • corporate partnerships
  • sales of our ethical range see includes items like 100% organic cotton, vegan friendly tees and hoodies
  • we offer funky page turning eCards designed by our in-house supergeek

We'd love your positive energy, your creativity and your volunteer hours - do get in touch if you'd like to help!

The Team

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