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Worcester Snoezelen

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  • Learning disabilities / difficulties

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Our organisation helps people of all ages who have learning disabilities and additional needs. 

We raise funds through charges for our services and this covers about 70% of our costs. The remainder is made up of fund raising events, help from local organisations such as Lions and Rotary, and applications to grant funding agencies such a National Lottery, Children in Need and Sport England.

We offer activities ranging from restful warm beds and music to hydro pool activity, dance, music, art, interactive play and soft play.

We have a special session each week for babies and infants up to five years old, and we have many children of all ages but the majority of our members are chronological adults.

Our service matters because we are the only comprehensive centre in the west Midlands that offers the wide range of services that are available at the centre. Many of our members come to us because we can give them an opportunity to control some small part of their environment through the technology that we provide. This is very important for the self esteem of people who would normally have everything done on their behalf. 



To meet our objectives we offer a centre that is equipped with a dedicated and caring staff and amazing installations.


  • We ensure that our services are safe, clean, welcoming and well maintained through the implementation of procedures that are monitored by staff and managers.
  • We constantly add to our offering by installing new devices and equipment and we spend well on staff training.
  • We meet our financial objectives by carefully monitoring and controlling our expenditure and income through monthly cash flow spread sheets and meetings with staff and trustees. We have a development planned to take us to the end of 2020 that covers finance and sire development etc.



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