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The Winch is a charity working with local young people in Camden and nearby areas since 1973 so we’ve got decades of experience in our community. 

We’ve been in North Camden at 21 Winchester Road since that beginning. It’s a welcoming, lively building where local residents can connect to each other or reach out for support from one of our experienced staff. We also run Belsize Community Library, a much-loved neighbourhood space for reading, creating and connecting people.


Our mission is to help each child succeed regardless of their circumstances. We build long-term relationships from an early age with children, young people and their families, often facing huge challenges. We work with them as individuals, stand by them as they grow up into adults and show we are in their corner. At its core, the Winch is a place for people to explore their potential, find their purpose, follow ambitions and live the life they deserve.

We work to build strong ties between local people and create more opportunities for them to find their place and feel like they belong in our community. One example of how we do this is Connecting Parents, a weekly group led by and for parents. Positive changes can happen when we work with people and listen to what they know about our area. They know what it’s like to live in it and they know what needs to improve. 

The Winch aims to address the bigger picture problems that hold people back. Government cuts to public services make it even more challenging to grow up safely in Camden. We work with local residents and connect them to organisations to help create long lasting change. We believe working together is how we ensure our children, young people and families see the positive changes they deserve. 

Our area has changed a lot since 1973, but The Winch has been a constant presence in the lives of so many children, young people and adults. Everyone has a place at the Winch.  

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