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A principal role of the Wilberforce Trust today, as it has always been, is to support people with sight loss. Wilberforce has a special ability to provide support for people with sight loss who have additional disabilities, including learning disabilities. Wilberforce supports people in York and Yorkshire who have a visual impairment irrespective of what other disability they may have.

Underlying everything Wilberforce does is a commitment to ensuring people with such disabilities are able to live a full and active life as independently as possible.


The support we provide is given in several ways:

  • Supported accommodation for tenants in Wilberforce houses in York and Tadcaster
  • Support for people in their own homes, through mobility and daily living skills training, advice and emotional support from our team of Rehabilitation Officers.
  • A specialised community centre (Living & Learning Zone) in Huntington which offers courses, activities and events for people with sight loss, including those with additional disabilities
  • A Low Vision Service which is based at our headquarters in Huntington, York
  • Our ‘Vision for All’ project which endeavours to ensure that people with learning disabilities have access to good eye care
  • Visual Awareness Training to enable carers, family and friends, or anyone who may have contact with a person with sight loss, to offer effective support to people with sight loss

This support relies not only on our highly trained, dedicated staff but also on our team of volunteers ranging from school pupils and adults who visit our tenants on a regular basis to those who provide a help in the offices, support participants in activities in Living & Learning or provide occasional help with fund-raising and promotional events.

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