Why me? Transforming Lives through Restorative Justice

Why me? Transforming Lives through Restorative Justice

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  • Campaigning
  • Community safety / victim support / domestic violence
  • Criminal justice

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National - England


The Why me? service, campaigns and advocacy work all seek to promote Restorative Justice for the benefits of victims. We are a national charity working with victims, offenders, statutory services, voluntary organisations and Criminal Justice agencies. Our work promotes the right of everyone who has suffered as a result of a crime to have their chance to talk about what happened with the offender. 


Restorative Justice is an invaluable tool that can be life changing for both victims of crime and the offender. A Restorative Justice conference allows the harmed (the victim) to ask questions that are often never answered in court. Even hearing the answer to the question of ‘Why did you burgle my house in particular?’ can be pivotal in the healing process. For the offender, this may be the first time they have acknowledged the impact of their crime and this can totally alter their outlook on their own criminality. 

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