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Whisper’s mission is to reduce poverty and provide self-sustainable projects to the Ugandan communities, aiming at thousands of children living in poverty and bad conditions


Whisper runs a transitional children's home together with a school to bring hope and fulfilling life to neglected, sick children living in life-threatening conditions in Mutai, Kanyale road, Kagoma Sub-County, Jinja district, Uganda.

Whisper does regular outreach work in the rural villages and set up the "Jigger Free Community Program" to fight the Chigoe flea. Whisper cleared all jiggers out of people’s homes around Mutai and Namakoko area within just two years.

Whisper improved sleeping conditions for hundreds of children in Mutai and the surrounding villages by providing mattresses, beds, nets, blankets and sheets. Whisper also gave training to several communities in food and hygiene, as well as family planning. We have helped old grandmothers to fix their houses, make a garden, take their grandchildren to schools, and provided firewood or food in the difficult raining seasons. Whisper also assists with various first aid and medical treatments for children and elderly people. Whisper financially supports medical surgeries, ongoing treatments, transport and also provides personal assistance to the beneficiaries. Whisper had provided homes and jobs for homeless mothers with children


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