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Sport and physical activity can be truly transformational in the lives of disabled children and adults.  Whether it is a child born with a disability or someone paralysed through a road traffic accident, sport has the power to inspire them to lead healthy, active lives and through sport achieve greater confidence, self-esteem and enjoyment.

The physical benefits of sport are well known but the improvements in wellbeing and mental health of people with physical impairments through physical activity are just as important and can often be the catalyst to reducing isolation and increasing social inclusion for disabled people.

By removing barriers to participation, WheelPower opens doors to new friendships, skills and opportunities in life.

WheelPower aims to provide, promote and develop opportunities for disabled people to participate in recreational and competitive wheelchair sport to lead healthy, active lives. We will:

  • Increase participation in sport and physical activity
  • Provide iconic and inclusive facilities at Stoke Mandeville Stadium
  • Ensure WheelPower is a credible and robust organisation
  • Inspire people through our work, our heritage and the power of the Paralympic Games


WheelPower organise a range of events and programmes which introduce people to sport and physical activity.  This includes

  • Sports Camps for disabled children
  • The Inter Spinal Unit Games
  • Working in spinal rehabilitation centres throughout the UK
  • Providing equipment, advice and support for disabled people wanting to lead active lives

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