What About The Children?

What About The Children?

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What About The Children? is a national charity established 1993 to raise awareness and better understanding about the importance of secure attachment and prevent emotional neglect  of children under three.

The charity works to inform parents, professionals and policy makers about the findings of authoritative research on the importance of children’s emotional needs and brain development the period of most rapid development from conception to age three.

We promote prevention rather than intervention as the key to a long term strategy to ensure the emotional wellbeing of children and reducing harm to secure future physical and mental health. When a child's first 3 years are right, it brings huge benefits not only to the child but for the whole of society. Reducing adverse childhood experiences (ACE's) .saves money and supports economic growth. Negative outcomes in children’s lives absorb a massive 40% of public service spending.

We are calling on government, professionals and employers to institute policies and practice that better support parents with children under three, offering them information and services that will enable them to provide their children with the consistent, responsive loving care research confirms is vital for optimum brain development and future physical and mental health.

What About The Children? has no religious or political affiliations nor does it represent any particular group of professionals. It is an organisation made up of people who share a concern about young children and speak out about the importance meeting the emotional needs of babies and young children.  The charity is entirely run by volunteers and financed through donations



We host an annual conference for parents and professionals on aspects of children's well-being. This includes the bi ennial Goodman Lecture.

We  search out current scientific research in neuroscience, psychology, biology and the medical sciences, selecting research that provide new insights into early life experiences. We summarise these academic papers for the wider professional community and others interested in children's well being. These are published on our website.

We contribute to government consultations; we are represented at All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPG's) concerned with children.

We collaborate and work in partnership with other organisations, groups and academics nationally and internationally.  


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