Westminster Arts (trading as Resonate Arts)

Westminster Arts (trading as Resonate Arts)

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The Resonate Arts vision is of a world where people live well with dementia, feel valued and purposeful and are actively engaged in arts experiences.

Our mission is to minimise social isolation for people living with dementia and to create inclusive communities with them and their families that enable their enjoyment of artistic and creative activities; optimising their social wellbeing and purpose.

We believe that engagement in the arts and creativity has enduring effects on well-being, health and quality of life for people living with dementia and we act as a catalyst for positive change, building strong dementia-friendly communities and creating informal social networks. Our programmes optimise opportunities for people with dementia to access varied high quality arts opportunities so that our participants can pursue an existing interest or talent or discover something new that they enjoy.

Our participants benefit with improvements in wellbeing across key dimensions including quality of life and physical and mental health which can reduce their need for care or support services and prolong their independence. Often we hear that people are happier, more confident and have more energy to engage in other social activities.

Going out or moving differently at home helps people keep their physical fitness and sleep better.        

More confidence and sometimes reduced anxiety flows from opportunities to build new and develop existing relationships and social networks, from trying new things and opening up opportunities for more varied cognitive stimulation. This in turn can support better communication with others and being able to express thoughts and feelings effectively.

More opportunities to socialise can provide important practice in communicating with others (vital after long periods of isolation). With increased social connections and informal support from new friends and acquaintances often following. Doing something different together with a family carer can revitalise relationships which are worn down by 'the dementia' becoming the main focus

Providing a sense of enjoyment, meaning and purpose helps refocus individuals away from their label and diagnosis and help to reclaim their identity, support giving meaning to life. Celebrating and sharing everyone's  contribution very often can inspire others to have a go or think altogether differently about people living with dementia!


Working closely with local arts, health and social care organisations and our local communities in Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster we create opportunities for social connection and improved wellbeing through a wide range of vibrant arts activities, either led by our own artists or partnering with world class arts organisations in central London.

We try to engage people with dementia from the moment of diagnosis onward, by facilitating engagement with hands-on arts activities and supporting visits to parks, galleries, museums and theatres. When we can we provide volunteer Creative Befrienders for people stuck at home or needing help to get out. Everyone, including local service and groups, can receive our monthly newsletter which lists all the local dementia friendly activities in the area. Our participants take things at there own pace, either in their own home or out at a workshop or event, which may involve them simply watching or listening right through to performing with others or leading an event themselves.

We believe that relationships come first and that people need to feel safe to be creative. We focus on listening for passions, talents, strengths and the tiny or big things that a person values. In doing this we also equip artists to be confident and imaginative in working with people living with dementia and their carers and supporters and we are active in building dementia friendly communities in our area.

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