West Sussex and Surrey Credit Union

West Sussex and Surrey Credit Union

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West Sussex and Surrey Credit Union trades as Boom - the credit union - local money, local impact.  It offers ethical financial services across West Sussex, Surrey and the London Borough of Kingston upon Thames to people who are not well served by mainstream financial services and whose only other recourse to credit is through high cost lenders and rent to buy shops.  The credit offers affordable loans, encourages people to save and provides an opportunity for those with capital to invest in the local community.


Boom Credit Union offers small to medium loans to local people who would otherwise borrow from high cost lenders charging from 272% apr to 1500% apr which locks people into a spiral of debt.  The credit union only lends when it is in the customers interests to have a loan and they are required to save as they make repayments creating, often for the first time, a nest egg against future financial needs.

The credit union also aims to provide budgeting accounts and transaction means for those who cannot, or prefer not to, use mainstream bank accounts.

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