Wave Community Bank

Wave Community Bank

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  • Financial inclusion
  • Poverty relief

Other details

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Wave Community Bank aims to provide a high quality, sustainable and easy-to-access savings and loans co-operative, which is responsive to the needs of the people of East Sussex and actively combats the detrimental effects of poverty and financial exclusion.



To help us achieve our objectives, we:


  • promote savings and sensible borrowing amongst our membership
  • offer cost effective and flexible loans that meet the needs of our members
  • strive to ensure maximum member satisfaction with our services
  • treat all members and potential members equally and promote equality of opportunity for members, volunteers and staff
  • return our profits to our members or re-invest in accordance with co-operative principles
  • develop communities in our work by combating poverty and its detrimental effects upon health, and educational attainment
  • provide paid and voluntary work and training & development to people from within our trading area
  • provide debt and money advice to those who cannot access our loans.

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