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Three billion people in the world lack access to decent solid waste managementservices. When waste is not properly collected, sorted, recycled and disposed of, its accumulation leads to the spread of disease and harms the environment that people rely upon.

Meanwhile, implementing simple SWM practices provides jobs which can prove very valuable in areas of severe economic deprivation. Our vision is a world where solid waste is managed without significant impact to communities or the environment.

Our Aims are to:

1. Raise awareness of poor waste management and communicate its scale and impacts.
2. Promote knowledge exchange between stakeholders.
3. Support the efforts of organisations working towards delivery of health, environmental and livelihood benefits through improved waste management.


Waste management is vital for people’s health, environment and local economy, and yet half the world’s waste isn’t properly managed. WasteAid UK is a waste management charity working to make an impact on the global waste emergency in three ways:

  • Partnering with local organisations in developing countries to improve the health, environment and livelihoods of people without waste services.
  • Building the skills of local people to deliver practical solutions to the waste management crisis in their own communities.
  • Raising awareness of the benefits of proper waste management and campaigning for greater change.

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