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Voluntary Action Lewisham

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Our vision is to put Lewisham’s people and communities at the heart of our borough. Our focus is on supporting a thriving civil society in Lewisham that achieves improved outcomes for everyone – our voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors, our volunteers, and our communities.

We’re creating a vibrant and dynamic new organisation, ensuring Lewisham’s civil society gets the support it needs to thrive. We’re building on our successful track record, as we have been working with Lewisham’s communities for over 50 years. We’re proud of that history, but we want to be even prouder of the organisation we are becoming, and of what we achieve next.


We’ll be delivering this work through nine key work streams:

  • Involve – getting communities involved in co-producing an understanding of need and what must happen to make Lewisham better, stronger and more sustainable;
  • Introduce – understanding and connecting people, groups and formal organisations – bringing people together to achieve change;
  • Initiate – identifying needs and encouraging others to act – sparking collaborations and starting discussions to get solutions;
  • Incubate – providing seedbed space (physical and intellectual) for emerging groups to tackle new and changing needs;
  • Inspire – showcasing excellence, developing new ideas, sharing learning from within and outside Lewisham;
  • Invest – equipping civil society with the skills, knowledge and resources to make a difference;
  • Inform – sharing data on needs and policy developments with Lewisham groups, and out to local decision makers and the London Hub;
  • Influence – championing the role of the sector, the needs and strengths of local communities, and helping strategic people make better decisions; and
  • Innovate – be a centre of excellence for civil society support, piloting new ways of working to achieve positive change.

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