Village Schools of Sierra Leone

Village Schools of Sierra Leone

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  • Education
  • International development
  • Poverty relief

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VSSL is a very small organisation. We have achieved impressive results through working very closely with our eight communities in rural Sierra Leone. This close connection means that the schools are delivering a much higher standard of education than was available before. This has also led to a huge increase in the proportion of children attending school. We also offer adult literacy classes and vocational training to ensure that the whole community benefits from our presence.


We build schools then provide ongoing teacher training and assessment to ensure that the schools are performing effectively. Our Sierra Leonean team visits the schools once or twice a month. This ensures that standards are maintained and also that we are very quickly made aware of any issues that require our involvement. We have built seven primary schools and repaired one primary school and we have also built a junior and senior secondary school. This means that, for the first time, the villagers have access to education all the way to allow access to university.

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