Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust

Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust

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  • International development

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Geographical remit: 


Our organization is for public benefit. Our beneficiaries are international and focused in the Zambezi Region of Southern Africa.  

Vision: Local and international communities across Southern Africa working together through effective management, to ensure natural ecosystems are sustained to the benefit of all.

We provide support to projects in this area that focus on:
1) Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release back into the wild
2) Community Outreach through Preventing and Mitigating Human Wildlife Conflict, One Health, and Conservation Education
3) Wildlife Research and Management
4) Wildlife Disease Diagnostics and Forensics 

Our help matters to improve livelihoods in some of the most marginalized countries in Africa. We work to conserve ecosystems and wildlife and find ways for humans and wildlife to co-exist, to try and protect biodiversity and ecosystem health. 


We provide support to projects that conserve wildlife through 4 main areas:

Rescue and Rehabilitation- Anti-Poaching, rescue, rehabilitation and release of wildlife that has been injured due to human interference. 

Community Outreach- Preventing and Mitigating Human Wildlife Conflict, Conservation Education with local schools, projects that improve rural livelihoods and conserve wildlife

Wildlife Research and Management- Current research into carnivores, elephant, and vultures.  Management of in situ rhino populations. 

Wildlife Disease and Forensics- Provide support to a regional laboratory that works to diagnose transboundary and zoonotic diseases and prevent their transmission, and combat illegal wildlife crime through wildlife forensics and wildlife crime scene investigation training 

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