The Veterans Charity

The Veterans Charity

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  • Mental health

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National - Britain


The Veterans Charity help any veterans of the UK's Armed Forces (a veteran is classified as someone who has spent over a day in military service). We often assist veterans after they have been referred to The Charity from other more well known military charities who can't provide support in a timely manner. We also of course receive a number of referrals direct from potential recipients.

The Veterans Charity can assist in a wide number of ways, we usually provide urgent provisions such as food, clothing, electrical goods. To help reduce Veterans Suicide we are piloting a scheme called the Black Dog Walking Club, which is now open to the wider local community.

We pride ourselves in Rapid Reaction support, we normally say 48 hours, but often we are much swifter. Even ordering take out food to be sent to those who need it that day. This speed helps veterans mental health and well being.

To remember the charities heritage - which was we were created to build a memorial to the men of The Ox & Bucks Regiment who captured Pegasus Bridge in the opening minutes of D-Day., we also maintain the memorial in Normandy and preserve the memory of those who took part and those of course who never came home.



We engage with many other charities, organisation's and Government departments, in a partnership approach we often refer to as #TeamVeteran.

The Veterans Charity funds all our activities from collections, donations and events such as The Forces March and Spyathlon.

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