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The United Nations Association - UK (UNA-UK) is the UK's leading source of independent analysis on the UN, and a UK-wide grassroots movement. We believe that a strong, credible and effective UN is essential if we are to build a safer, fairer and more sustainable world. We derive great strength from our UK-wide network of members, supporters and local UNAs.

At this time of uncertainty in the UK and across the world, the need for an effective UN is greater than ever. UNA-UK is the only UK NGO set up to make this case to British policymakers and the public.

Our vision is a world in which: people and governments recognise that national and global interests dovetail; governments work together for the good of people everywhere; and people take seriously their global responsibilities. This vision can only be realised through an effective and widely supported UN.


We will work to support and improve the UN so that it can fulfil its role as the indispensable institution for tackling global challenges. We will demonstrate to policymakers and influencers how an effective UN can deliver wide-reaching benefits to Britain and the world. We will make the case for why the UK must lead by example on its international obligations. And we will connect people in the UK to the work and values of the UN.

We will do this through three new programmes:


Global leadership: an active and progressive UK foreign policy

Through our advocacy work, grassroots campaigning and our parliamentary outreach, we will urge the UK Government to display leadership at the UN and develop a strategy for making it more effective. Scrutinising the UK’s record is central to this work.


Global solutions: making the UN fit for the 21st century

Making the UN fit for the 21st century requires sustained investment on many fronts – political, financial and academic. We will draw on our worldwide network of UN experts to generate ideas and action to help the UN to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, building on campaigns such as 1 for 7 Billion, which opened up the process for selecting the UN’s Secretary-General.


Global citizens: empowering individuals to think and act globally

Outreach is essential to the achievement of our policy objectives. This work will be put on an equal footing and become a programme in itself, as we seek to reach out to everyone interested in global issues. Through training and education, we will deepen understanding of the institution and empower people to engage with it. Through our youth programmes we will seek to nurture a new generation of global citizens, equipped with the necessary tools and impetus to tackle global problems.

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