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United Against Violence CIC

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Not for profit
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National - England


At United Against Violence, we are dedicated to creating a safer and more compassionate society by providing essential resources and information to combat violence in all its forms. Our mission is to empower individuals, communities, and organisations to stand united and take action against violence.

UAV is a non-profit project founded in 2023 in response to combating the alarming increase of violence affecting our communities. 

We invite you to join the project and be a part of the change. Explore our website to access valuable resources, participate in campaigns, and learn how you can contribute to the fight against violence. 


Information Hub

Our platform serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking knowledge, understanding, and support regarding different types of violence, including domestic violence, sexual assault, bullying, discrimination, and more.

Through our carefully curated content, we aim to raise awareness, promote prevention strategies, and empower individuals to take action against violence in their communities.

Resource Hub

Our website serves as a comprehensive resource hub, offering a wide range of information, tools, and support networks to help individuals and communities address violence.

From educational articles and research studies to downloadable guides, we provide valuable insights and practical strategies for preventing and responding to violence.

Education Hub

We are dedicated to providing a holistic approach to education, offering both online lessons and offline educational resources that focus on addressing and preventing different types of violence.

Our online lessons provide a convenient and interactive learning experience, allowing you to access valuable information, expert insights, and practical strategies to combat violence.

Additionally, our offline educational resources, including books, guides, and downloadable materials, cater to diverse learning preferences and enable you to deepen your understanding and engagement with the subject matter.

UAV Magazine

The United Against Violence magazine is a powerful publication dedicated to addressing and combating various forms of violence in our society. It serves as an educational resource, raising awareness and promoting initiatives aimed at fostering a safer and more compassionate community.

Through thought-provoking articles, interviews, and impactful stories, the magazine sheds light on the root causes of violence, explores preventive measures, and highlights the efforts of individuals and organisations working towards positive change.

By providing a platform for knowledge-sharing and inspiring action, the United Against Violence magazine plays a vital role in empowering individuals and communities to unite against violence and create a better, more peaceful community.

Current opportunities

United Against Violence has an exciting opportunity for experienced Advertising Sales Executives who wish to join our CIC selling Magazine...

We are looking for someone to create anti-violence educational resources, courses, and content for e-learning as part of a team who are passionate...

Previous placements

  • Educational Resource Developer (Anti Violence)