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UN Women National Committee UK exists as part of UN Women and aspires to a world where women and girls have equality of opportunity, rights and justice. UN Women is positioned as the leading voice on issues of gender equality worldwide and marked the beginning of a shift of understanding – gender equality no longer being a women’s issue – but recognised as a human rights issue, a concern for all of society, a key economic requirement and a political imperative. Building and nurturing a sustainable environment for everyone is fundamental to our work. 

In the UK, UN Women NC UK supports the work of gender equality and economic empowerment through advocacy and awareness - promoting the delivery of UN Women global grass-roots projects by fundraising for the Gender Equality Fund and the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women.

We are a registered charity in the UK and one of a number of national committees around the world operating under a legal mandate with UN Women Headquarters in New York.  We receive zero funding from UN in New York and rely on the help of our committed supporters, volunteers, partners and advocates to support our work.  We engage with a variety of target audiences in the UK: general public, private sector, government and parliamentarians, academics and NGO’s.


We are a charitable organisation with a mandate to maximise funding for a worthwhile cause. We do this by:

  • actively raising awareness of the economic benefits and moral argument for change
  • being the voice in the UK to support the UN goals for gender equality
  • contributing to the agenda and profitability of UN Women globally
  • increasing financial contribution through engagement, fundraising and outreach activities
  • fundraising for the UN Women programmes and initiatives via the Gender Equality Fund and UN Women Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women
  • working with Government, Parliamentarians and Corporate partners to influence change.


Women and girls make up more than half the world’s population — and they are on the frontlines — often more deeply impacted than men and boys by poverty, climate change, food insecurity, lack of healthcare, and global economic crises. Our contributions are central to helping provide a solution.

We are actively building capacity within our organisation in the UK to enable us to be an effective organisation and make a difference. Currently we are looking to build a phenomenal volunteer workforce. We need people who are happy to get involved with a variety of activities running events to developing fundraising tool kits and education programmes (when the opportunities arise) to name but a few!

We hope that we have imparted the passion we have for the work that we do to support the UN in achieving gender equality and that you will feel just as passionate to help us.

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