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Not for profit
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National - Britain


Welcome to the fastest growing schools subject for 14-18s. Degree entrants have tripled and 2/3rds of under 11s "do film" in after schools clubs.  
Video and film skills really matter.  We get it.

So where are these top industry experts to lead every classroom or lecture hall? Media & film is the onlysubject where teachers get no training.    
Sounds familiar?   We've a solution.

UKfilmNet does two things, very well. We hunt down the best industry know-how, and get it online and accessible 24-7 with loads of other resources and tools to collaborate.   It's that simple..]

As a result - although we are a VERY small project of entirely unpaid volunteers - we have managed to create on eo fthe largest and most professional learning experiences for 14-24s anywhere in Europe.



Teachers, trainers or lecturers are enrolled at the same time as their learners, students or film makers.

  •  Teachers, trainers or lecturers are enrolled at the same time as their learners, students or film makers using our group enrolment form.
  •  Each enrolled group has access to all the courses as well as an additional course that can be used to guide learners or provide general information.
  •  The group leader is able to add to the information or materials for any topic in any course without risk of damaging the core materials.

Current opportunities

London (Central), W1a 1AA or Remote

Profile 1: 2D Graphics Expert Volunteer for Motion GraphicsProfile 2: 3D Programming Expert Volunteer for Unity(...


Join UKfilmNet, an innovative non-profit in film & TV production training! We're looking for an HR expert who's a true people person....


Seize the opportunity to be a key player in UKFilmNet's journey towards sustainability. As a volunteer Accountant and Advisor, your financial...


As a 4K/HD Videographer / Self-Shooting PD you'll be instrumental in creating high-quality learning clips. This role offers logistical support,...

Previous placements

  • UKFilmNet 4K/HD Videographer and Self-Shooting Producer/Director (Volunteer) for ground breaking film & Tv project
  • Ground breaking non Profit film and Television production training project for schools seeks HR guru and People person