UK Association of Preservation Trusts

UK Association of Preservation Trusts

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UK Association of Preservation Trusts helps building preservation trusts, and not for profit groups, to rescue challenging historic buildings and structures and find sustainable new uses for them that address the needs of their local communities.

We provide guidance notes and toolkits to assist groups with the numerous demands, both technical and general, of these projects and support our members through regional events, a national conference, regular news updates and by lobbying funders and government on their behalf.

Without the help of UKAPT many groups would be defeated by the complexities of tackling these complex projects and give up.  With support these groups, not only save important local and national heritage but change people's lives by providing special places to live, work and play, by giving them opportunities to learn new skills and meet new people and by improving their local economy and environment. 


We provide guidance and tool kits on all aspects of tackling a complex historic building projects, including how to engage and work with local communities through our website. The guidance covers everything from setting up a group and managing finances, to securing planning permissions, procurement, publicity and social media. This advice is supplemented by staff and experienced professionals in the movement helping with the problems of individual trusts. To keep members up to date we also send out regular newsletters.

We have representatives in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as in six English regions who co-ordinate local events to encourage networking and sharing experience and best practise. In addition UKAPT hold an Annual National Conference focused on issues that are important to all groups.

UKAPT is the voice of building preservation trusts and others tackling challenging heritage buildings. On behalf of the movement we respond to national consultations and initiatives,  and lobby funders and government on important issues affecting our work.



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