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As children, most of us would take for granted the chance to get out and about, exploring, climbing trees, visiting the park and hanging out with friends, but for many children and adults with a special need, it just isn't possible.  If you have a physical disability, the difficulties are more obvious, but, if you have Autism, a learning disability or sensory problems, you may find it hard to relate to other people and to join in their games. Parents and other carers desperately need support to cope with their challenges.

The Thames Valley Adventure Playground provides a chance for children & adults with all types of special need to enjoy the fun, freedom, friendship and educational benefits afforded by the opportunity to play and share experiences in a safe and stimulating environment. We also offer respite and other forms of support to hard-pressed carers.


Wheelchair-accessible roundabouts and swings, elevated walkways allowing someone with profound and multiple difficulties to enjoy the excitement of 'climbing' trees, specially adapted aerial runway, arts & crafts, multi-sensory rooms to stimulate and relax, with specially-trained staff to provide help and support - these are just a few of the things on offer. We have to provide these facilities with the utmost regard for safety, security and safeguarding.

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