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Shortlisted for the 2019 “Lighting the Fire” Awards celebrating the young people, adults, and organizations that excel at supporting young people to manage the conflict in their lives. 

Helping young people manage conflict with the Police The Ubuntu Round Tables Project brings disenfranchised young people and their local police officers together to build respect and understanding and so reduce Police-Youth antagonism and build the trust that underpins safety on our streets.

The project has been created through a powerful partnership between Youth Futures and the Tutu Foundation UK, and is born out of one young man’s vision for change following a disrespectful and upsetting stop and search. The project creates a framework that enables local young people to invite their local Police Officers to engage with them in a discussion facilitated by other young people. The topics are chosen by the participants during a preparation process ensuring that they are locally relevant.


This Youth-Led philosophy that underpins the project recognizes and works to mitigate the power imbalance that exists between young people and the police to create the opportunity for all participants to talk openly and honestly

The project creates an environment that enables disaffected youth and police to be open to each other, with an aim of deepening understanding and respect both ways. Together they engage in exercises requiring frank speaking and respectful listening. The outcomes are tangible, for example when the police invited the young people to conduct a stop and search on themselves. The young people experienced the responsibility that goes along with power while the police put themselves in a vulnerable position.

This is, essentially, a community mediation project led by communities in different areas with the support of the Partnership. It is designed to enable Police Officers to understand young people as real people, and to enable young people to appreciate and begin to trust the humans behind the police uniforms. The skills learnt and the experience of taking part is passed on to peers.

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