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  • Education
  • Physical disabilities
  • Social care

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National - Britain


Our Vision

A world where physically disabled young people take control of their lives and achieve their aspirations

Our Mission

To enable physically disabled young people to achieve their aspirations by:

  • Providing personalised learning, therapy and care
  • Supporting transition into adulthood
  • Promoting independence and inclusion

Our Values

We are Inclusive

Everyone – regardless of physical ability, where they live or socioeconomic background – should have the opportunity to take part in life. We treat our Beneficiaries with the same dignity as their non-disabled peers and work to remove barriers in their way.

Our students and Beneficiaries are always at the centre of everything we do. Before we make decisions, we ask, “How will our students and Beneficiaries benefit from this?”

We act with Integrity and Respect

Physically disabled young people should be free to direct their own lives. We listen to young people’s views and support them to make age-appropriate choices about their daily life and informed choices about their future.

We celebrate and promote diversity, value and support each other, and treat everyone with mutual respect. We support a culture of openness, honesty and transparency, where the safeguarding of our students and wellbeing of our staff is paramount.

We strive for Excellence

Physically disabled young people and their families deserve outstanding care and support. We work to make sure all our services are excellent and actively challenge each other to ensure continuous quality improvement.

We continually innovate to ensure that our Beneficiaries receive the cutting-edge, excellent support they deserve.

We strive to ensure that our school and college develop and evolve with the needs and potential of our students, but we also want to take the message of inclusivity out more widely, sharing our experience and expertise outside of Treloar’s for the benefit of more disabled people.



Treloar Trust offers outstanding teaching, learning, professional care, therapy, advice and guidance so that every individual can achieve and work towards a future that is as independent as possible.

Treloar School and Treloar College offer around 170 students, aged 4 to 25 years, a specialist environment where learning takes place alongside therapy and care.

Our students are physically disabled with complex needs. Mainstream schools and colleges cannot provide the support they need to achieve their goals.

Many of the young people at Treloar’s require support throughout the day and night – over half of our students stay in one of our five residential houses. Residential provision offers huge opportunities to develop independent living skills and enjoy social life beyond the academic timetable. Our students experience greater independence and develop confidence working alongside trained support staff and engaging with their peers.

Treloar Trust also offers a range of Outreach Services to the wider disabled community and hires out campus facilities to local sports and activity groups and to other disability charities for residential stays during the holidays.

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