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Treloar Trust offers outstanding teaching, learning, professional care, therapy, advice and guidance so that every individual can achieve and work towards a future that is as independent as possible.

The main activity of the Trust is the running of a special school and college, however we are also expanding into future living provision for disabled young people who have completed college education, and looking to form a range of partnership and projects to build on our expertise to have impact on a much wider scale.

Treloar School and Treloar College are run by Treloar Trust. We offer around 170 students, aged 2 to 25 years, a specialist environment where learning takes place alongside therapy and care.

Our students are physically-disabled with complex needs. Mainstream schools and colleges cannot provide the support they need to achieve their goals.


We undertook a major strategic planning exercise prior to the pandemic, which was put on hold so we could focus on keeping our students and staff safe, and to protect the ongoing education of young people through the most difficult of times.


Now that we are emerging from this period we are again looking to our future and finalising our strategy for the next five years.  Our new Strategic Objectives are:

1.Further our excellence as a school and college for physically disabled young people

•Meet student needs by continually developing our education and life skills programmes

•Support students to successfully move on from school and college

•Develop our non-term time offer alongside our term-time provision

•Widen access for students from underrepresented backgrounds and communities


2.Maintain our specialism in supporting children and young people with higher levels of need in education

•Continue to foster our excellence in healthcare, residential care and therapy

•Pioneer the practical application of assistive technology to further develop the independence and potential of disabled people

•Develop and demonstrate innovation


3.Contribute on a wider scale to the education and support of physically disabled young people

•Work in partnership with local authorities and other education, health and social care providers to support SEND and care objectives across the system

•Amplify the voice of disabled children, young people, parents, carers and families to support change in society

4.Develop future living options for disabled people who have left full-time education

•Work with collaborations and partnerships that provide housing, employment and other opportunities

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