Treasure Earth Prize

Treasure Earth Prize

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  • Campaigning
  • Children / families
  • Climate action
  • Environment
  • Faith and ethics
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Human rights
  • International development
  • Poverty relief
  • Substance misuse
  • Young people

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Social enterprise
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Treasure Earth C.I.C. is a cause-led Community Interest Company created to pursue a community purpose. As an apolitical, impartial and pacifist social enterprise, our community purpose is to demonstrate how much more achievable and profitable peace and climate action can be when underpinned by leadership, CSR and humanitarian care. Treasure Earth Prize was created to incentivise and empower governments, business and society at large and to give us all an opportunity to drive peace and sustainable change.

Our Vision and Mission

Fundamental to our purpose is our vision and mission:  ‘A duty of care to preserve the life-giving beauty of planet earth, its people, resources and generations yet unborn’. Our call to action is in the name ‘Treasure Earth’ and the clarion call: “Together we can change the world” reminds us of our interdependence, that we only have one earth, that together we can achieve miraculous change not possible when acting alone and we can no longer take planet earth for granted.

Our Community Purpose

Our Community purpose and the Treasure Earth Prize Challenge therefore, is ‘how to peacefully and more profitably resolve global conflict and global warming championing leadership, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and humanitarian care, focussing particularly on youth.’



How we will achieve our Community Purpose - The Treasure Earth Challenge

To manage and deliver our community purpose we have created a range of Paradigm Prizes across four sectors including Peace, Climate, CSR and Humanitarian Care to challenge the status quo, to drive significant reform and major paradigm shifts for social change through leadership and pioneering innovation and with a special emphasis on youth. To achieve our community purpose our Treasure Earth Prize Challenges invite people of every status, identity or belief to play a personal or professional role in those causes closest to their brand or their heart.

  1. The Treasure Earth Care Prize
  2. The Treasure Earth Peace Prize
  3. The Treasure Earth Climate Prize
  4. The Treasure Earth CSR Prize

Treasure Earth Paradigm Prizes incentivise and reward collaboration to resolve current global challenges peacefully and more profitably and that bolster the moral imperative for change. Prizes are universal and intended to create safe and welcoming spaces, particularly encouraging cooperation between the diametrically opposed. Prizes will incentivise, showcase and reward the top solutions that demonstrate how governments, defence, investors and business from all industry sectors can innovatively and more profitably transition away from weapons or pollutants in favour of products and services that enable peace and prudent climate management by championing leadership, CSR and humanitarian care with a particular focus on youth.


Current opportunities

We are a Community Interest Company and social enterprise managing Paradigm Prizes driving change and innovation to combat global conflict and...

We have an exciting role for an experienced animator and multimedia specialist to work with us on our video documentaries to raise awareness of...

We are looking for a skilled and distinguished broadcast media professional to take the strategic lead on our broadcast media for our Prizes and ...

To advise / take the lead for strategy and delivery of the sponsorship fundraising.

Are you a Senior Programme specialist looking for a new and exciting challenge?

We are a Community Interest Company with a central theme focussing on youth and we are looking for a skilled and passionate legal professional...

This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced finance professional with commercial experience to advise on strategy and direction for a...

Seeking a skilled and experienced strategy and development professional. 

We are a Community Interest Company and social enterprise managing Paradigm Prizes driving change and innovation to combat global conflict and...

This is an exciting opportunity for a highly skilled and experienced ESG Governance and Sustainability professional to work with us to define our...

To lead on strategy and delivery of corporate sponsorship fundraising for our Prizes and Awards.

We are looking for a versatile and professional graphic designer skilled in motion graphics and infographics to apply their creative flair to...

We are looking for a skilled documentary filmmaker and broadcast media professional to take the strategic lead on our broadcast media plan for our...

We are looking for a creative and digital designer to optimise the design of website to promote our prizes and causes.

We are looking for a skilled and experienced Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Specialist with experience of recruiting at senior and middle...

Senior Project and Events Manager

To provide creative digital design for our website, corporate documents and social media posts for our Prize campaigns and Awards.

To lead on strategy and deliver our corporate sponsorship fundraiser for our flagship Humanitarian Care Prize Awards.