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  • International development
  • Training / employment support
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Our beneficiaries are composed of two groups:

  • The General Public - We work to provide free, high quality media and content to our worldwide followers and audience within the aviation and travel sectors. We offer an edge on traditional journalism and believe in a social responsible form of reporting
  • Our Staff - We work with a 95% volunteer team, composed largely of graduates, who want to get their foot in the door of media and journalism. Our dedicated team of mentors and directors work with these volunteers and 5% paid freelancers, to upskill, build their experience and help craft a perfect CV for their future career in the field of media. And during their time with us, they help benefit communities worldwide with freeĀ journalism and build a personal portfolio of work.

Our impact has great results. 100% of our former volunteers have gone on to advance in the aviation or media fields including writing for airlines, airports and larger scale publications. This leaves a lasting impact on all our former volunteers


We always work to improve and expand on our objectives of benefit to the community and our volunteer staff team. To do so:

  • We work with leading industry mentors and professionals, bringing them onboard our mentoring team
  • We constantly offer and create training opportunities both in person and via e-learning on skills such as graphic design, media sourcing and video editingĀ 
  • We hold regular 1-2-1s with all volunteers to assess work, their goals and work towards the end of their program with us: Taking away a great portfolio and CV
  • Constantly add partners to our organisation including universities and colleges (through an external partner organisation, Aviation Futures) and other leading industry firms: Airlines, Airports.

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