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Trauma Treatment International (TTI) is a registered charity in the UK. Our focus and expertise is in providing evidence-based psychological treatment and support to victims of collective violence around the world. Our aim is to treat victims directly as well as support individuals and organisations who are in close contact with victims, in order to mitigate the impact of trauma exposure on the workforce.


We have five key strategic priorities. These enable us to focus on long-term Advocacy objectives, while we focus on delivering our core competencies, including Treatment for PTSD through our Trauma Clinic and strategies to Mitigate and Prevent Trauma within our partner organisations. At the same time, we are piloting and implementing innovative community projects to Educate Society about Trauma to build local resilience and increase Capacity.

1. Deliver evidence-based treatment directly to victims of collective violence

2. Elevate the trauma agenda, research & advocate for evidence-based trauma treatment and structural change

3. Improve knowledge and awareness of trauma, trauma-informed practice and training to communities in contact with victims of collective violence

4. Increase capacity to deliver evidence-based trauma treatment around the world, including training practitioners in low capacity settings and promoting best practice qualifications globally

5. Support organisations working with victims of collective violence to build organisational resilience to trauma, ensure staff wellbeing and the delivery of trauma-informed care

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