The Transforming Autism Project

The Transforming Autism Project

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To ensure that children with autism obtain revolutionary and life-changing support to break through their perceived limitations and live to their true and full potential.  To ensure that the critical importance of the right sort of Early Intervention is recognised by the public as well as medical professionals and policymakers, and to actively participate in its becoming mainstream by establishing our own specialist clinic in Southern England.  To then provide unique and comprehensive support resources for the families of children with autism as they grow, with an innovative online single point of entry to this structure.

We are committed to transforming perceptions of autism worldwide, so that the underlying richness within each autistic person is appreciated, and that this revolutionises the care that is widely available.  It is our conviction - increasingly supported by the evidence - that if an appropriate, safe and carefully considered environment is available for each autistic child, they will benefit from the best possibility to live to their potential, the nature of which would stun many who currently consider them to be "disabled".  

Please also view our CEO’s TED talk, The Beautiful Reality of Autism, which presents the conceptual backbone to our mission and activities.



Please view our purpose and values on our website.


Our activities will be as follows:



This is our initial focus and will include the following:

  • The book Transforming Autism is currently available and provides a thorough but clear and accessible entry point to our approach to Early Intervention in Autism, which is based on attachment parenting and the provision of containment.  It describes Guy Shahar's journey with his autistic son, and a detailed description of their treatment at a specialist clinic, written in such a way as to give other parents powerful tools to implement immediately.
  • Provide a pioneering Family Service programme for immersive treatment of families with young autistic children.
  • Extensive global information campaign on the great potential for transformation and fulfilment for children with autism, and on the means to realise that potential.
  • Concurrent policy activities will accompany this campaign so that care providers can be significantly influenced.



  • The creation of a comprehensive one-stop online "Hub", where parents and carers can find a huge range of carefully compiled and curated advice, resources and recommendations on all issues related to the care of autistic children.
  • The production of our own high quality and low priced visual aids to support autistic children in daily life.



This strand of our activities will come at a later date and will include (partially through the Hub but also through other more hands-on means), comprehensive support for a child with autism approaching teenage and adulthood.  It will cover all forms of relationships, preparation for employment (including work with colleges and employers not only on how to recruit but also on how to create a working environment that can fulfil and retain autistic people), bullying, anxiety, regulation of emotions, independent living and more.

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The Transforming Autism Project is a growing charity focusing on very early intervention for children with autism with a view to making...

As part of our growing charity, we are looking for a Marketing Lead to guide our marketing efforts and push the charity in the right direction.

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The Transforming Autism Project is a growing charity focusing on very early intervention for children with autism with a view to making...

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The Transforming Autism Project is a brand-new charity focusing on very early intervention for children with autism with a view to making...

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