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Transform Drug Policy Foundation is a global leader in developing, and advocating for, more humane drug policies. Our vision is a world where drug policy contributes to safer and healthier societies.

This is an exciting time in drug policy. Rapid changes in approach are occurring in the UK and internationally. Transform has a long history of shaping these changes and seeking to ensure that reform reduces harm, improves social justice and protects public health. Our Anyone’s Child campaign is a highly effective family-led movement that has had a significant impact here and abroad. 

You can find out more about our work via our website.


We educate the public and policymakers on effective drug policy; we develop and promote viable alternatives to prohibition; we provide a voice for those directly affected by drug policy failures; and we support policymakers and practitioners in achieving positive change.

Our current system of drug prohibition fails everybody. That is why we believe currently illegal drugs should be legally regulated through a system of risk-based licensing.

In addition to our long-term goal, we work actively to support pragmatic changes to drug policy that can save lives today. These include police diversion schemes, overdose prevention centres and drug safety checking.

Drug policy harms affect people across society. Through our Anyone's Child campaign, we provide opportunities for people with personal experiences of drug policy failures to be heard.

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