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National - Britain


Who Your Organisation Helps (Beneficiaries):
TrailFam predominantly serves young individuals living in urban environments. Our focus is on those who may feel detached from the natural world or lack opportunities for physical activity and outdoor experiences. Additionally, we aim to support individuals who may be facing challenges in their mental well-being by offering them an inclusive and supportive community.

How Your Organisation Helps Them (Services):
TrailFam introduces these young individuals to trail running, a dynamic and therapeutic form of physical activity. Through organised events, weekly runs, and special trail excursions, we offer participants the chance to not only improve their physical fitness but also to connect deeply with nature. Our sessions foster community spirit, where everyone feels welcomed and valued. We provide training, mentoring, and the necessary resources for them to explore the great outdoors safely and confidently. Beyond the runs, we create spaces for dialogue, mentorship, and personal development.

Why Your Help Matters (Impact):
Trail running, as facilitated by TrailFam, serves as more than just a physical activity. For many participants, it becomes a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Being in nature and pushing one's boundaries has proven therapeutic effects, helping to alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, the sense of community TrailFam provides helps combat feelings of isolation, creating lifelong bonds and networks of support. Our impact is evident in the positive testimonials of our participants, many of whom have reported improved mental health, higher self-esteem, and a renewed sense of purpose and connection to their communities. By bridging the gap between urban life and nature, TrailFam plays a pivotal role in enhancing the holistic well-being of its members.


TrailFam operates through a structured blend of practical sessions and community initiatives, tailored to achieve its overarching objectives. Here's a breakdown of our core activities:

  1. Weekly Trail Running Sessions: These are designed for members of all skill levels. They offer a chance for consistent physical activity, bonding, and introducing newcomers to the world of trail running.
  2. Special Excursions: Periodic trips to more challenging or unique trails are organised. These provide participants with a fresh perspective, a chance to test their skills, and experience different natural environments.
  3. Mentorship and Training: Experienced trail runners and coaches within our community offer guidance and mentorship to newer members. This helps build proficiency and confidence in trail running, ensuring safety and fostering a sense of accomplishment.
  4. Community Dialogues: Beyond physical activities, we host regular discussions and workshops on topics related to well-being, nature conservation, and personal development. This holistic approach ensures our members not only stay fit but also grow mentally and emotionally.
  5. Outreach Initiatives: Recognising the power of community, we often partner with schools and local organisations to introduce trail running and its benefits to a wider audience. These outreach programs are instrumental in expanding our impact.
  6. Resource Provision: Understanding that not everyone might have the necessary equipment or knowledge to start trail running, we provide resources, from running gear to educational materials, ensuring everyone has a fair start.

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