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Touch Project CIC

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Not for profit
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Touch Project is the first Community Interest Company of its kind.  We are a social start up and we are encouraging education and learning, growing and connecting in our platonic touch wellbeing workshops. We enjoy sharing conscious connection and compassionate caring contact.  Practice being your whole self in a place where authentic relating is supported and all emotions are welcomed with compassion, empathy & care. 


Touch Project CIC has been created to fulfill a basic natural human need for contact and connection.  Touch Project wants to stop the UK being one of the loneliest countries in the world. We understand how the comfort of connection and a warm embrace can quite literally change lives.  Having extended physical contact floods the body with ' feel good natural hormones ', it soothes the nervous system, reduce stress, can aid better sleep and eases tension and can even reduce pain.  

As we navigate our way through life, we have times and spaces between jobs, homes and relationships we can feel cut off and isolated.  During these transitional times we can feel unsure how to get our needs met in a safe, compassionate and healthy manner.  These circumstances can lead to us feeling alone and disconnected.  In our feelings of aloneness we do not fully realise just how many other lovely people feel the same!

We have a genuine physical  need for contact & to experience total wellbeing.  We need to find the courage to ask for what we want in a respectful way that gets our needs met.  Consequently there is a big educational gap about the wellbeing benefits for clear communication, boundaries, consent and getting our normal touch needs met. 

Current opportunities

London (Central), NW1 3FE

Touch Project CIC is an educational and wellbeing community interest company. We are looking for a skilled fundraiser with social media experience...