Toucan Employment

Toucan Employment

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  • Learning disabilities / difficulties

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Toucan Employment is a specialist employment charity that aims to reduce the social exclusion of people with learning difficulties/disabilities in the boroughs of Southwark, Lambeth, Lewisham and Brent by aiding them to find and retain employment. Our service is tailored to meet the need of the job seeker and employer
by offering support through the whole recruitment process. Due to the nature of their learning difficulties/disabilities, the job seeker would face barriers when trying to enter employment. Our support minimises these barriers so the job seeker can go into paid employment.


The organisation provides individualized support to the job seeker with job searching, contacting the employer, practicing interview techniques, job interview support, travel training and workplace support if they are successful in obtaining employment. The charity also assists with better off calculations when people are in receipt of benefit, ensuring that the person is financially better off when in employment.

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