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For over a decade Tonic has been at the forefront of driving change within the performing arts and wider arts and culture, supporting the sector to achieve greater equality, diversity and inclusion. Our mission is to ensure that the broadest range of people can have art and creativity in their lives, whether engaging as professionals, amateur participants, or audiences. We do this via our thriving programme of sector-wide projects, one-to-one support for arts organisations, training, events and the creation and publication of books and resources.

Founded in 2011, we have successfully developed from an aspirational one-person start-up to a robust, mature charity which has steadily grown its income and workforce. We are now at a stage where we can further professionalise the way in which we operate and govern the organisation, providing a sustainable business model for our planned growth. 


For over ten years Tonic has been supporting arts and cultural organisations to achieve greater equality, diversity and inclusion through a combination of training, consultancy, research and cross-sector projects and programmes. The impact of our interventions, both on the organisations we have worked with, and, by extension, the wider sector is palpable. We take a thoughtful, never tokenistic, approach to change, supporting organisations to understand the underlying causes of inequalities and then work with them to reimagine and redesign their working practices and structures so that they become more equitable. Focusing on empathy and emotion as much as systems and processes, we build collaborative and empowering relationships with the organisations we work with and help them to understand how diversity is crucial to their success. All our work is driven by the firm belief that arts and culture improve people’s lives but will only be at its best - and have the widest reach possible - if it is inclusive of the broadest range of talent. Since 2011 we have been infusing organisations across the UK and beyond with our enthusiasm and positivity about what a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive sector could achieve.

Having initially been established in the theatre industry, the success of Tonic’s approach saw demand for our work extend into other areas of the performing arts, particularly dance and opera. Today we continue to work extensively in these fields whilst also increasingly expanding into a range of other areas including music, heritage and museums, television drama and the wider cultural sector. When we began, Tonic’s focus was purely targeted at improving the situation for women and girls in the theatre industry. While this remains an important aspect of what we do we now look at equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) more holistically. In particular, we are keen to take an intersectional approach so that our work supports organisations to create working practices and policies that are inclusive of everyone.

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