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The purpose of Tiverton Almshouse Trust is to provide high-quality homes in Tiverton for people over the age of 60, in either housing or financial need. The trust aims to deliver this in a friendly and safe community environment which includes warden support.

The Trust also aims to ensure its commercial properties and investments produce the best financial return to help deliver both strategic intent and the ongoing sustainability of the organisation.

Income is received through weekly maintenance and utilities contributions from Almshouse residents, rental from commercial property and interest from investments. The primary purpose of any income is to ensure repairs and maintenance of the Trust property portfolio. This then secures the delivery of the Trust’s aim to provide high-quality homes for its beneficiaries.

The governing documents are a Charity Commission Scheme dated September 2009 and the Articles of Association of Tiverton Almshouse Trustee Limited 2014. The Trust also follows the guidance within the Charities Code of Governance 2020.

The Trust is regulated by the Charity Commission and, as a registered social housing provider, our work is overseen by the regulator of Social Housing. In addition, the Trust is a member of The Almshouse Association and the Housing Ombudsman service.

Tiverton Almshouse Trust is a charity (registered number 206984). It has a single trustee which is a company (registered number 08974595) called Tiverton Almshouse Trustee Ltd currently comprising eight volunteer Directors. 


The Trust's 86 Almshouses, over 3 sites across Tiverton, are allocated in accordance with the Trust policy. Staff and Directors undertake a rigorous process that is the same for all applicants. Eligible applicants are those who are over the age of 60, who have lived in Tiverton or its environs for two years and who can evidence a financial and/or social need for housing. In exceptional circumstances, accommodation can be offered to those who live outside Tiverton but they must, as a minimum, fulfil the other key criteria.

The application process involves a priority points system and the taking up of any necessary references. Whilst a list of eligible applicants is kept, allocation is on the basis of the applicant in greatest need at the time a vacancy arises and not the length of time an applicant has been on the list.

For residents, wardens have in place a weekday ‘health-check’ Tunstall call with each resident. For information, we now have two models in operation at our sites – at Greenway Gardens, our Warden lives on-site and at John Greenway Close, our Warden lives off-site.

The Trust staff team and Directors communicate with residents in a variety of ways. Residents are encouraged keep in touch with us and share their valuable feedback or suggestions through the following ways:

 - Weekday ‘health-check’ call – Warden to each resident.

- Monthly resident newsletters.

- Weekly coffee mornings – with staff and Directors present.

- CEO Monthly drop-in sessions for residents at both sites.

- Annual residents meeting.

- Annual resident satisfaction survey.

- On-site Residents Services & Wellbeing Committee where directors are available for a chat with residents after.

- Suggestion boxes are available at both sites in communal areas.

- Telephone or e-mail CEO, Housing, or Property Manager, office staff, emailing or calling into our offices on Bampton Street.

A programme of repairs and maintenance is prepared on a rolling five-year basis using information from the five-year rolling programme of property surveys undertaken by independent qualified surveyors. As well as external works such as new roofs and redecorating, replacing windows, internal refurbishments are also itemised along with a rota of replacing older boilers. The same measured approach is taken to maintaining the investment properties owned by the Trust, the rental income from which is essential.

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