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  • Children / families
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Mental health
  • Refugees / migrants
  • Social care
  • Voluntary sector support
  • Young people

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Our mission is to ensure the contribution of all is valued equally giving people access to a wealth of resources from private, public and community sectors. Timebanking is a key mechanism to bring about change in public services at community level and between organisations.

Timebanking links people to share their time and skills. Everyone’s time is equal: one hour of help earns one time credit to spend when you need it. We operate with an asset-based philosophy that everyone has something to give to help another regardless of age, ability or background. Redefining work and creating support networks empowers those who have been defined as service users making them decision makers.


We work with community groups, time banks and community organisations to promote and support co-production and the development of timebanking. We also have a growing operational model where we employ individuals to set up, engage and grow time banks reaching the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in society.  Refugees, those who are homeless, people with long term health conditions, those with high support needs and young people are all feeling the benefits of the timebanking mechanism.  Working in local areas with stakeholders is essential for long term sustainability.

Our activities include support for both our members and the wider sector.

Membership Support:

  • Supporting the development of new time banks, with clear guidance on how to set time banks up and how they can be used in different applications (we have helped the development of 60 time banks in the last two years).
  • Developing regional networks of time banking to share local expertise, best practice, training, capacity and advice.
  • Membership support for time banks including a range of resources, training and paid mentoring opportunities.
  • Bespoke timebanking software has been designed to use to co-ordinate timebanking activities.


Support for Members and Wider Sector:

  • Training, guidance and toolkits to support the development of time banks covering: initial development; specialist areas (safeguarding, asset mapping etc.); thematic support (older people, working in prisons etc.) and development of regional hubs.
  • Working with organisations to seed the time banking approach into their mainstream service delivery, ensuring their services are co-produced.
  • Holding bi- monthly learning events.
  • We give advice, guidance and training from our expert team members on techniques for effective monitoring and evaluation and the use of our new Evaluation Toolkit.


Within our own organisation our CEO and Trustees maintain and develop practices and policies to ensure that the organisation maintains quality of support to our members, for example, consistent support of our free software provision (and regular checks to ensure quality and gain feedback from members). We use staff and external consultants to deliver training programmes and gauge feedback on all courses to ensure that quality standards are maintained.

We focus on quality standards across timebanking and have introduced the Timebanking UK Quality Mark™ for time banks to apply for. The is awarded to time banks that adhere to the core values of timebanking and operate in such a way that they develop, support and celebrate good timebanking practice as recommended by Timebanking UK.

We have recommended safe working guidelines and policies which ensures the time bank projects have adequate systems in place to maintain a successful long-term future. This enables time banks to apply for insurance to one of the three UK insurance company that Timebanking UK have brokered a relationship with.

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