The Time Capsule Project CIC

The Time Capsule Project CIC

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Social enterprise
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A pioneering non-profit initiative dedicated to capturing and preserving the essence of today for future generations. Our mission spans connecting communities, safeguarding cultural and historical narratives, and fostering a global dialogue through the power of shared stories and artifacts.

Beneficiaries: Our beneficiaries are as diverse as humanity itself, encompassing individuals and communities worldwide. By providing a platform for everyone to contribute their stories, memories, and digital legacies, we ensure that future generations have a window into the past, offering insights into the lives, dreams, and challenges of the early 21st century.

Services: We facilitate this connection through the creation and burial of 10 massive time capsules around the globe. These capsules, designed with cutting-edge preservation technology, are repositories for the digital and physical contributions of people from all walks of life. In addition to preserving artifacts, we engage in educational outreach and community-building activities to promote cultural heritage and intergenerational understanding.

Impact: The impact of our work is profound and lasting. Not only do we provide a unique opportunity for individuals to leave a legacy beyond their lifetime, but we also create a tangible link between generations, encouraging empathy, reflection, and a sense of global unity. By preserving the present as a gift to the future, we contribute to a sustainable cultural ecosystem that values and learns from the diversity of human experience.

In essence, "The Time Capsule Project" embodies the spirit of collective memory and shared history, ensuring that the voices of today are heard tomorrow, enriching the tapestry of human knowledge and connection for centuries to come.


To meet our objectives, "The Time Capsule Project" undertakes a variety of activities centered around the creation, filling, and burial of 10 global time capsules. These capsules are designed to serve as vaults for the preservation of contemporary human experiences, artifacts, and digital contributions. Our activities include:

Community Engagement and Contribution Collection: We actively engage communities worldwide to contribute their stories, artifacts, and digital legacies. Through workshops, online platforms, and collaboration with educational and cultural institutions, we gather a wide range of contributions that reflect the diversity of human experience.

Educational Programs: We conduct educational initiatives to raise awareness about the importance of cultural preservation and intergenerational dialogue. Our programs aim to inspire individuals to reflect on their legacy and the mark they wish to leave for future generations.

Memorial Construction: Alongside each time capsule, we erect a memorial designed to honor all contributors and serve as a beacon of hope and unity. These memorials, crafted in collaboration with artists and architects, are not only meant to mark the physical location of the capsules but also to stand as symbols of our collective journey through time.

Digital Preservation: Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we ensure the long-term digital preservation of contributions. This includes employing advanced encryption and secure storage methods to safeguard digital legacies against future technological obsolescence.

Public and Online Exhibitions: Prior to the sealing of the capsules, we host exhibitions showcasing selected contributions, offering the public a glimpse into the collective memory being preserved. These exhibitions are complemented by an online archive, accessible globally, which details the project's mission, contributions, and the stories behind them.

Through these activities, "The Time Capsule Project" not only preserves the past for future discovery but also fosters a sense of global community and shared heritage, encouraging people to consider their impact on the world and the legacy they wish to leave behind.

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