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  • Financial inclusion
  • Poverty relief

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Thrive’s vision is to close the gap between the rich and the poor, ensuring social justice and equality for all in Teesside. People in Teesside living on the margins will have the support to be empowered to improve their livelihoods, gaining the power needed to effect real, transformative change and tackle the issues that have, in the past, kept them in poverty

Thrive will support and enable people living in poverty and on the margins of society to improve their livelihoods. Thrive will ensure equality of opportunity to participate in meaningful activities that promotes and builds stronger communities with more active citizens working together to tackle their problemsIn line with, The Poverty Truth Commission’s ethos, Thrive will follow the guiding principle: ‘Nothing about us, without us is for us’ – or mission will ensure, ‘the things we do matter?


Thrive works with financially and socially excluded members of the community in Teesside in the following ways:

  • Offering one to one mentor support to referred households / community beneficiaries
  • Skills development and capacity building – time limited support to help develop self-management skills and building confidence. It is of particular importance that Thrive invest in working towards the sustainability of skills acquired and knowledge gained by the people who are financially and socially excluded within our society
  • Signposting when needed for practical assistance (determined by ‘need’)
  • Providing opportunities that support and encourage community beneficiaries to become Community Organisers enabling them to take action against and organise themselves to address identified issues of inequality
  • Providing volunteer opportunities


Thrive also:

  • Campaigns against unfair practices suffered by those living in poverty (locally and nationally)
  • Raises awareness of issues faced by those living in poverty and works in partnership with other organisations to carry out specific action research projects
  • Remains an active member of Financial Inclusion Partnerships and other networks within Teesside.

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