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National - Britain


Think Through Nutrition (TTN) is the UK’s leading voice on the link between nutrition, brain health and behaviour.

Celebrating four decades of innovation, we draw on decades of evidence-based research, led by our world-class team of experts, addressing the rising mental health and behavioural issues linked to poor diets.


Our mission is to illuminate brighter futures for everyone, especially society’s most vulnerable, through the power of nutrition. To achieve this, we focus on three key pillars to inform, enable, and transform food choices:

  • Advancing groundbreaking research - TTN is at the forefront of breakthrough studies on the relationship between nutrition and brain health
  • Influencing national standards - We are a proactive force, influencing UK food standards and guidelines across various settings and advocating for national policy change
  • Delivering nutritional programmes - Our digital platform, LANAH, delivers accessible, tailored nutrition education at scale

Current opportunities

Oxfordshire, OX1 2EP or Remote

As one of the UK’s leading voices on the link between nutrition, the brain and behaviour, we are seeking an experienced PR volunteer to support us...