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Think Malawi is an innovative UK based charitable Trust run 100% by volunteers. We work hand in hand with Malawians to improve access to quality education, allowing them to fulfill their ambitions, improve their quality of life and contribute to Malawi’s development. 

From 2009 to 2020 we have supported a small rural school to improve access to education for local learners. We have worked closely with the Director of the school, funding building projects such as classrooms, a teacher's house, toilet blocks and making a major contribution to the running costs of the school. The support of the charity has enabled this school to gain registration with the Ministry of Education and recognition as an exam centre. Results in the school leaving exam have been consistently higher than the national average.

In 2019, we identified a project to remove barriers to girls' education through provision of resources to enable girls to attend school during their monthly cycle. Mothers Groups have been provided with sewing machines and have been trained to make reusable sanitary pads; toilet blocks for senior girls have been built and 'Girls Packs' of resources have been distributed. This is an on going project in conjunction with African Vision.

We are currently seeking an additional project that meets with our mission to work with local Malawian community groups to improve access to quality education for learners. Our grant application process is now open and we are excited at the prospect of working with another Malawian community to enable learners to achieve their potential and in the long term, contribute to the economy of Malawi.

We work either directly with the local community or in partnership with another UK or Malawi based charities, to identify small, innovative projects, that will enable Malawian learners to gain access to education.




Our organisation raises funds to support the work of local community groups giving access to education. We listen to the needs shared by local groups and respond to them. The charity is currently 8 committed trustees with a range of appropriate skills and  a small network of volunteers and supporters. We are also in the process of setting up an advisory group which the trustees can consult for any specialist advice which they need.

Our trustees have high level marketing and digital skills that enable us to maximise the opportunities to raise funds online. When possible we organise fund raising events. 

We seek to work with other organisations with staff based in Malawi who are able to implement and monitor the projects that we fund. 

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