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Thin Green Line Foundation is solely dedicated to conservation through supporting indigenous rangers on the frontline of wildlife and habitat protection. Rangers are the most effective and irreplaceable frontline resource in nature conservation yet they are generally underpaid, poorly equipped and insufficiently trained. Over 1000 rangers have died in the field over the past 10 years; a large percentage killed by commercial poachers and armed militia groups. These men and women are the key workers in the protection of biodiversity, climate change mitigation and protection from zoonotic diseases. We strive to provide them with the support they deserve and need to fulfil this vital role safely and effectively.


  • Train Rangers through our LEAD Ranger (train the trainer programme).
  • Equip Rangers with basic and critical gear they need.
  • Emergency Support by providingĀ support to families of rangers killed or injured in the field.
  • Increase Ranger advocacy and connection to share knowledge and raise the profile of the vital work of rangers. .
  • All these actions improve rangers' lives and improve their ability to protect wildlife and habitat more effectively.

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