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There is a famous story where Jacob (Yaʿqūb يَعْقُوب ) in the holy books wrestles with an angel all night long, at great personal risk, struggling, not to win, but simply to survive until daybreak, obtain God’s blessing, and a new name.

We understand that sometimes life comes with unexpected twists and turns that can leave us in a hopeless state. Reinventing yourself after a life changing event can seem impossible and overwhelming to do alone. Our organization provides resources and support to individuals in need of a way up the ladder of success. Through a step by step program for individual success, we offer direction and practical tools for economic development through training and education.


Free Information Technology Training

Computer Fundamentals

Internet Fundamentals

Microsoft Words, Excel, PowerPoint

Data Analysis

Business Analysis

Database Adminstration


Project Management


Graphic Design

Website Design

Job Search Assistance

Staff and volunteers working one-on-one with clients to provide job coaching and workforce development

Resume and Cover Letter Building

Interview and Employment Suiting
Professional Development Workshops
Mock Interviews

Job Search Strategies

Lifeline Phone Services

No current opportunities

Search for volunteer opportunities with other organisations.